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At Asent Designs we provide graphic design solutions to meet all of your business needs. Logos, Business Cards, Letterhead & Envelopes, Website Slider, Brochures, Signage (Car wrap or Trade Show Banners), Email Designs, Food Menus, Packaging & Labels, Apparel (T-Shirts, Hats, Bags, etc.), Cups or Mugs, and Stickers are just some of what we can do.

Our purpose is to design effective and engaging graphics that will elevate your brand. Whether you need a design for traditional media or digital media, our group of graphic designers are up to the task. We have a skilled team who will work diligently to meet your specific requirements. We work hard to make your vision a reality!


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How much does a graphic design company cost?

    A graphic design company typically costs around $500-$1,000 per project. However, the cost may vary depending on the size and complexity of the project.

    There are a few reasons why graphic design companies can charge so much. One reason is that graphic design is an art form, and good graphic designers are hard to find. Additionally, graphic design projects can be very complex, and often require a lot of time and effort to complete. Finally, graphic design companies typically have a lot of experience and expertise, which allows them to produce high-quality designs quickly and efficiently.

  • 2. What kind of websites do you build?

    We build websites that are both beautiful and effective. We focus on graphic design and website development to create a website that is perfect for your business. We understand the importance of first impressions, so we work hard to make sure your website looks great and functions perfectly.

    There are three different types of websites: static, dynamic, and e-commerce. Static websites are the simplest type, and they simply display information that is written into the website's code. Dynamic websites are more complex, and they allow users to interact with the website by entering information or clicking on links. E-commerce websites allow users to purchase items from the website.

  • 3.What is the difference between a logo design and a website design?

    A logo design is a graphic that represents a company or product. A website design is the layout and overall look of a website.

    When designing a logo, it is important to consider what the company represents and what its target audience is. The logo should be simple and easy to remember, and it should also be versatile enough to be used in different mediums.

    When designing a website, you should consider the target audience, the layout, and the overall look of the website. The website should be easy to navigate and it should also be visually appealing. This means that the website should be well-organized and it should use attractive fonts and colors.

  • 4. Can you optimize the existing website design?

    Yes, we can! Website optimization is a critical part of website design and management. There are many ways to improve a website's performance, and the specific approach will vary depending on the website. However, some common tips include reducing file sizes, optimizing images, and caching static content. When the weight of the website is lighter and faster, search engines perceive that the website will offer a better experience for users of their platform and rewards the website by boosting its ranking in the search results. One common approach to reducing the overall weight of a website is to use compression tools to compress files before uploading them to the website.

  • 5. How do I create a design for my graphic design portfolio website?

    To create a design for your website, you will need to first come up with a color scheme and a layout. You can use any software program that you are comfortable with to create your design. Some popular programs include Photoshop, Inkscape, and GIMP.

    Once you have created your design, you will need to create a prototype of your website. This can be done by using a web development program such as Dreamweaver or Adobe Muse. Once you have created your prototype, you will need to test it out in a web browser to make sure that it looks correct.

  • 6. What do you mean by “graphic design company”?

    A graphic design company is a business that provides graphic design services to clients. This can include creating logos, illustrations, and other marketing materials.

  • 7. What are the benefits of hiring a graphic design company?

    A graphic design company is a business that provides graphic design services to clients. This can include creating logos, illustrations, and other marketing materials.

      Hiring a graphic design company can provide your business with a number of benefits, including:

    • A professional and polished visual identity for your company.
    • Increased brand awareness and recognition.
    • Greater traffic to your website and other marketing materials.
    • More sales and leads.
    • Better customer retention.
    • Improved search engine optimization (SEO).
    • Creative and original designs that will help you stand out from the
    • Expertise and guidance in choosing the right graphics and colors for your brand.
    • Assistance in creating marketing materials such as logos, brochures, and website graphics.
    • Cost-effective solutions that will save you time and money in the long run.
    • And much more!

    When you partner with a reputable graphic design company, you can expect high-quality results that will help take your business to the next level. Make sure to do your research to find a graphic design company that is a good fit for your specific needs and goals.

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